Services that we provide as part of preparation and implementation of the project include:

CRM (customer relationship management)

Our main goal is to promote your projects and attract potential customers through advertising. We specialize in building customer database and mutually beneficial relationships, which is our top priority and a prerequisite for successful execution of the project.

Interpretation & Translation Support

Regardless of the subject and language of your event, we will provide the participants with simultaneous or consecutive translation both into Turkmen and into other languages.


We partner with best restaurants which will serve you delicious dishes of national and European cuisine.

Visa Support

We render our expert advice and Visa support to all international participants.


Our shuttles and the event management team will make sure participants safely reach their destination on time.


Our official Travel Agent will provide high-quality accommodation service with a wide selection of comfortable hotels to meet your requirements.

IT Support & Technology

Given the market trends today, we use hi-tech equipment to provide simultaneous interpretation services and video streaming for on-line business events and training sessions.